QUALITY - 125 year old recipe that is actually made in NYC by our skilled craftsmen and with the magic water


CONTROL INVENTORY - product is already on premises, bake what you need, no running out - make more sales, less guessing on ordering per day


FRESHNESS - your bagels are always fresh on your premises - most bagels are baked the night before so they can be delivered on time - we eliminate this  


LOGISTICS - no worrying about unpredictable everyday delivery


HAPPIER CUSTOMERS - the finest NYC bagels fresh out of the oven wherever you do business so you can give your customers the very best


REACH A NEW AUDIENCE - having our bagels will bring bagel lovers into your store

Our bagels are BOILED, CLEAN LABEL, ALL NATURAL, KOSHER, VEGAN, have no preservatives, use Non-GMO unbleached flour and real malt syrup...the way it should be.

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Brooklyn, New York 11249 

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Star-K Kosher Certification


Brooklyn, New York 11211        (212) 500-1199